Our goal is to make education thrive by taking politics out K-12 education in South Carolina. Instead of politicians and bureaucrats, let’s put parents back in charge of education through parental educational choice (PEC), which provides parents their own taxpayer money to send their K-12 children to the schools (private schools, church schools, govt schools and home schools) of their choice. 
Ellison's Platform
Make Education Great Again

Despite what the bloated $16,645 per child per year Educational Industrial Complex (EIC) in South Carolina says, there is not a one size fits all cookie cutter K-12 solution. All children are made in the image of God. Yet unfortunately, 49% of African American males who enter 9th grade do not graduate from high school in SC, That is an unacceptable crying shame that must end now. Additionally, all males in SC graduate at much lower rates than females. Though we have many great highly trained teachers, most K-12 government run schools in Senate District 32 are broken, failed and in need of massive reform. Case in point is Williamsburg County School District. It is so bad (how miserably failed is it?) that the State of South Carolina had to fire its leadership and declare a state of emergency. The South Carolina Department of Education was required to take operational control of Williamsburg County School District in 2018 because of failed student academic performance, fiscal mismanagement and special education program issues. 


“District wide student academic achievement has been at some of the lowest levels
in the state for multiple years. Only 21% of students in grades three through
eight met or exceeded state standards on the state English Language Arts
assessment. Only 15% met or exceeded standards in Math, 19% met or exceeded in
Science. Williamsburg County Schools receive 74% of their $16,645 per pupil
funding from the state or federal governments." and

Make Opportunity Zones (OZ) Great Again

Ellison looks forward to working with U.S. Senator Tim Scott and the citizens of district 32 in Williamsburg, Georgetown, Berkeley, Florence and Horry Counties to ensure all are informed and have access to economic Opportunity Zones in low-income communities. The Opportunity Zone program offers investors incentives to put their capital to work in low-income communities. Investors and businesses can roll existing capitol gains into Opportunity Funds with no up-front tax bill. Opportunity Fund investments held in the fund for at least 10 years are not taxed for capital gains. Opportunity Zones can lead to massive amounts of capital gains tax savings for investors and small businesses in low-income areas. OZs turn impoverished communities into thriving places to live and work. They turn lemons into lemonade See link for more,

Make Fiscal Responsibility Great Again

Balance the state budget. Reduce government bureaucratic red-tape starting with eliminating state income tax and the massive cost to citizens preparation of state income tax returns every year. Make state sales tax the primary revenue generator. The fact is that elimination of the unfair progressive socialist state income tax and adoption of state sales tax only will make out of state tourists and other “big spenders” pay a larger percentage of tax into South Carolina’s state treasury. Elimination of state income tax will reduce the tax burden on hard working South Carolinians. Check out Florida and Texas for more on no state income tax states. Additionally, because of undisciplined spending every South Carolinian per capita owes thousands of dollars in state debt. That makes South Carolinians slaves to high debt lenders. Let’s not leave a legacy of state debt heaped upon our children. South Carolina needs to get out of massive debt so that our posterity is not left holding the bag.

Make Work Great Again

Attract high paying jobs in infrastructure, manufacturing and high-tech industries through disciplined rigorous PEC STEM programs. Quality jobs will not come unless we exponentially improve our K-12 education system by implementing PEC & STEM. K-12 PEC will bring quality jobs. That’s a documented fact that big govt bureaucrats and teacher associations ignore, hate and reject.

Make Family, Church, and Business Great Again

In some areas of Dist 32, 40%+ of households are on government assistance (food stamps, welfare or Section 8 Housing). We must stop paying healthy able-bodied citizens not to work. Poverty kills; lack of self-respect and loss of dignity kills too. The family, the church and local business must step in and step up to lift individuals/families out of poverty and lack of education through support, discipline and training. When is the last time a well intentioned government welfare bureaucrat helped a family or individual get out of generational Sect 8 housing, food stamps and welfare? The govt has no vested interest or incentive to help folks get off welfare, Section 8 or food stamps. It’s not the local, state or federal government's job to do what the family, church and business should be doing for local people. It’s time for these God ordained institutions (fathers, family, church, charities and business) to get back into the arena of executing their missions of taking care of hurting and downtrodden people. Government can’t do it. Local and state government need to get back to their core missions of protecting law abiding citizens from evil and making it easier for citizens to live and do business through less red-tape and govt regulation. Free markets and individual freedom combined with responsibility produces outstanding results. Government handouts with no sense of duty or responsibility produces generational and cultural dependence on big government. Another name for this is bigotry.

Make the Second Amendment Great Again

How long does it take a law enforcement officer to arrive on scene after a home invasion 9-1-1 call is made? Answer: long enough for carnage to happen. It takes a split second for a home invasion to go sideways. We must protect our God given right to “keep and bear arms”. What’s the first thing socialists Marxists do when taking over a nation? Historical fact: confiscate weapons, guns and Bibles. Historical question: who said, “…they cling to guns or religion...”? Answer: 44th President of the United States Barack Hussein Obama (Democrat). Pres Obama is right. Many Americans like their guns, their faith and their Bible. Neither Pres Obama nor anyone else in authority should mock our God-given 2nd Amendment and marginalize law abiding, God fearing Americans who simply want the ability to defend themselves and their loved ones.

Make Healthcare Liberty Great Again

The best health insurance program is a good job with health coverage/benefits. Putting the government (single payer monopoly) in charge of everyone’s healthcare would be disastrous. Is there one single payer program (monopoly) the government runs well? Ask folks whose only option is government run healthcare, i.e., veterans in the VA, British, Canadians, etc. They will talk about the long waiting lines for routine care and massive waiting lines for complex care. They will complain of doctor and nurse shortages becaue very few want to serve in socialistic healthcare, etc. Additionally, if history is a predictor of the future, which it is, for every dollar put into the system only ~30% makes it to patient care. The other 70% goes to bureaucratic overhead. Additionally, we need medical procedure and testing transparency; every citizen and patient should be told verbally on the spot and in writing what the costs of recommended medical treatment is before medical testing procedures are performed. This is called medical procedure and testing transparency, which will over time dramatically lower all healthcare costs in South Carolina and America. Until this happens some greedy insurance companies and medical providers will continue to take advantage of a non-patient centric system. Additionally, healthcare and insurance companies should be able to engage in unfettered interstate commerce. In other-words, all healthcare companies should be able to do business outside of their home state. This creates more supply, which reduces patient cost.

Make Saving Babies Lives Great Again
(Born & Unborn) 
We’re losing over 4600 per year pre-born precious children in South Carolina to abortion on demand and convenience. About half of these precious children are African American while African Americans make up only 27% of SC population. Our God given right to life is under assault in South Carolina and America by Democrat lawmakers and Democrat judges. It’s time to call their atrocities out and say no more! The Supreme Court got Roe v Wade wrong like other wrong decisions they made based on “cultural emotionalism” not original Constitutional intent. A Democrat controlled Supreme Court said slaves were to be treated as property, less than human. Somethings have not change. Fast forward to Roe v Wade where the Supreme Court said unborn babies are to be treated less than human, property of the women. Planned Parenthood and Democrat leaders have no shame in this area. Selling unborn baby body parts for profit is immoral and criminal. Biological fathers should and must (legally and morally) have a say in their unborn (pre-born) child’s life. These children are not blobs of tissue and property with no rights. Who thinks it is a good idea for a mother and her abortionist doctor to kill (abort) the child of a biological father for convenience sake? How many fathers would have loved, adored and provided for their child, but never got the chance? It’s a crime that must stop being ignored...and we wonder why we live in a culture of death where grown adults don’t value human life.


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